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We conduct in-depth market research to help our clients make the right strategies for their businesses. Here are the various ways we use to conduct market research.

We question a wide section of the population using surveys, polls, and questionnaires, among other methods, and provide a well-analyzed statistical report based on the results.
We select a certain set of people and then ask various kinds of questions to have a better understanding of how they think and operate in the market.
We organise Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews as well, in which we question the target audience for your products and services to understand their behaviour in the market.
We organise face-to-face interviews to gain a complete understanding of how your target audience feels, thinks, and acts about your products and services in the market.
We collect our data digitally by organizing online surveys using an online survey maker. A URL link is created and forwarded to the target audience, containing questions about your products and services.
We perform research on secondary data as well as motivate, educate, and collaborate with you to develop strategies that will help in achieving your goals.
why do you need market research company to do market research for you

Why do you need market research?

Market research can help you learn a lot about your industry and your competitors. It tells you how your business is viewed by the customers and clients you wish to reach.

Coming out of ‘Guess Work’

An alarming side of the business is people often tend to get away with bad ideas resulting from mere guesses or assumptions! That’s so not done!

Planning the Right Strategy

Having a clear conception of customers’ preferences, helps you strategize accordingly. 

Improving User Experience

With our market research service, you get to know about customers’ experiences and make amendments as necessary to meet up their expectations. 

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How our market research services can help you achieve your different goals

Benefits of our market research services

We are a group of devoted employees who work tirelessly to give the greatest experience and outcomes for our clients. We assist our clients in a variety of ways.

  • Understand your competition
  • Identify potential opportunity
  • Understand customers’ buying habits
  • Make knowledgable decisions
  • Pick the perfect sales system
  • Make fruitful business investments

Our process of market research

We provide you with personalised advice from our knowledgeable advisors, based on an unrivaled combination of expert-led, professional, and data-driven research.

1. Requirement gathering

First of all, we gather everything that is required to move forward with our research so that the final report can be exact and reliable.

3. data collection

Once we are ready with our questionnaire, we begin with our process of data collection through various means, then be it interviews, surveys, or telephonic interviews.

2. Questionnaire design

We design a questionnaire that has all the important questions related to our research which helps us understand the people and their behaviour better.

4. data analysis and report generation

When we have all the data collected with us, we do detailed analysis and research and come up with reliable reports to help our clients.


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Don’t just take our word for it

We are results-oriented, and we’ve had the pleasure of serving clients in a variety of industries in overcoming obstacles that impeded or prevented them from achieving their goals. Here’s what a few of them said about us:

Satish Kumar
HR head
Madhusudan Ghee
“Surveykhsan is the best market research company in India. We were able to make business decisions based on the data acquired by Surveykshan regarding dairy products, which had a direct positive impact on our brand.”
Rajeev Kumar
“Undoubtedly Surveykshan is No. 1 market research company in India. We were able to understand the crop loss of farmers in Uttar Pradesh owing to surveys conducted in collaboration with Surveykshan. The data was extremely informative.”

Abhishek Negi
“Our decision to use Surveykshan for our survey reports has proven to be highly beneficial. By surveying 75 villages of India, Surveykshan supported us in gathering valuable data.”

Our business is to help your business reach a new height!

Trusted by fortune 500 companies. 20+ years of combined experience. Talk free to an expert. Get quote upfront.

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