CATI (Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews)

CATI has replaced traditional telephone interviews, much as computers have replaced the clipboard and questionnaire in face-to-face fieldwork.

We provide CATI Services

We employ the Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) system for your service, which allows us to conduct complex, large-scale telephone surveys. By simplifying the quick completion of surveys and making data available upon the conclusion of each question, the solution allows our highly qualified interviewers to remain focused on capturing high-quality data.

Our survey managers use quality control methods to oversee the work of interviewers from distant supervisor stations. Interviewer productivity reports are generated on a regular basis and utilised to determine interviewer training needs. 

Why we go with CATI? 

CATI has numerous benefits over typical telephone interviewing methods. We use CATI as one of our services because of the following reasons:

  • Provides High Quality Data: CATI helps interviewers avoid misunderstandings and guarantees that questions are asked accurately, resulting in higher-quality data. Because the computer handles the technical components of the interview, the interviewer may concentrate on communicating with the participant. CATI’s uniformity of research conditions enables for more in-depth questioning, resulting in richer and more informative results.
  • Quick Process: Since interviewers may enter data as it is gathered, the entire research process is swift and efficient. Because the responses are entered as soon as they are received, an analysis of the data may be done soon after the last interview is completed. There is no need to convert data from paper to digital formats, which saves time and reduces the danger of human error. 
  • High Level of Accuracy: Since the questionnaire is displayed on a computer and is totally automated, there is no possibility of errors such as improper questioning or unclear compiling. Data is collected in a precise manner. Pre-coded responses are directly inputted, minimising the need for human data processing and lowering input mistakes.

CATI is an outstanding example of how technological advancements are improving the way we conduct research on a daily basis. CATI is a clever addition in our research toolkit since it provides accurate and high-quality data in a fraction of the time.

Our CATI services are all-inclusive, covering all of your questionnaire design, design functionalities, automatic call scheduling, interviewer training, and enterprise reporting requirements. The design of our questionnaire is vital for extracting the most meaningful information from your data.

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