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Conducting a market research- A Complete Effective Guide

Consumers today have a great deal of power. Rather than speaking with sales representatives, they are likely to gain referrals from friends and family. You need to adjust your marketing plan to show today’s consumers’ research, shopping, and purchasing habits. To do so, you’ll need a thorough understanding of who your consumers are, your target market, and the factors that impact their purchasing decisions and behavior. To find all these the key action is- ‘Conducting a Market Research.’

What is market research?

Any package of strategies used to attain information and better understand a company’s audience is known as market research. Firms utilize this information to improve product lookout, consumer experience, and develop a marketing strategy that yields high-quality leads.

Why is market research important?

Conducting a Market research aids a company by providing information on what customers like and dislike, as well as what they claim they desire. These data are available in both quantitative and qualitative formats, and they can help a business make better decisions.

Marketers play an important role in collecting and interpreting data for marketing research. The marketing department has a pulse on the client base in most firms. Any company, regardless of size, will employ a skilled researcher or analyst to assist with marketing research preparation, ensuring that results are sensible rather than reactionary. Thus conducting a market research is important for firms and businesses.

Types of market research

There are four kinds of research for conducting a market research. In different ways, each of these can assist you in extracting data and information about your market.

  1. Primary Research

First-hand data is called primary research. You’re not borrowing any other source data, thus first-hand data or information is all the data and information you’ve gathered yourself. With data and information directly from your customers, this type of market research can help boost your marketing approach. Because it’s specific to your consumer base, it’s likely the most valuable sort of market research.

  1. Secondary Research

Using data that has already been collected and published is known as secondary research . Because most material is readily available, secondary research methods are less expensive than primary research methods.Secondary data while conducting a market research can often be used to provide a knowledge base in preparation for primary research operations. 

  1. Qualitative research

It  examines an individual’s feelings, attitudes, views, and thoughts in order to determine their underlying motivations for behavior. In other words, qualitative market research is a study undertaken to determine what individuals think or feel about a situation and what factors impact their behaviors.

  1. Quantitative research

It is concerned with objective facts and statistical data rather than individual ideas, sentiments, and attitudes. The data is quantified here in order to form numerical inferences about the customer’s behavior, attitude, and preferences that may be easily evaluated and compared with other data facts.

Steps of conducting a market research

Market research is used to learn about markets, target markets, and their needs, rivals, market trends, and customer satisfaction with products and services, among other things. Customers, their needs, how to meet those requirements, and how the firm is performing in meeting those needs may all be learned by businesses. Businesses do not need to be experts in research methodology.


Surveys are first step of conducting a research. It is form of qualitative research that includes asking respondents a series of open-ended or closed-ended questions via a questionnaire.. Furthermore, the data is rather simple to evaluate. Do check out Fynzo- Survey Maker for assistance.


Interviews are one-on-one talks with potential customers. When it comes to going in depth , nothing is better than a face-to-face interview.

Focus groups

Focus groups bring together groups of people who are fit for a company’s audience. To get deeper insights, a skilled moderator leads a dialogue about the product, user experience, and/or marketing message.


Last step of conducting a market research is observation. During a customer observation session, a representative from the company observes an ideal user interacting with their product and takes notes.

Common mistakes while conducting a market research

  1. Your entire analysis can be tainted if you ask the incorrect people to answer your questions. 
  1. If your query isn’t specific, indicates bias, or has a nebulous meaning, your analysis will be susceptible to interpretation, and your conclusions may face resistance inside the organization at best. In the worst-case situation, this information is exploited to make poor decisions.
  1. Incentives are best viewed as a way to compensate someone for giving up their time. People are busy, and research requires them to sacrifice some of their time to assist us with our job.
  1. Low response rates are also a factor in this problem. We don’t spend nearly enough time thinking about communication as an art form.
  1. Your customers spend so much of their time online or on their phones, however researchers are still lagging behind in this area.
  1. Too often, research is carried out without a clear understanding of why it is being carried out and what it hopes to achieve. Everyone must be on the same page, and ill-thought-out goals will always result in misunderstandings and apparent failures.

At your rescue

To ensure you take the right steps and avoid all the common mistakes mentioned above you need experience and time. This might be difficult to arrange if you are a new company or conducting a market research for the first time. Thus, in such scenarios it is always advisable to hire a research company for conducting market research flawlessly with the most efficient result.

You can try Suvekshan for your first time research experience. Surveykshan is the industry leader in market research, merging all research methods into a single point of contact. Corporate researchers, marketers, marketing research companies, and consultants can use the firm’s high-quality data collection services. The agencies’ platforms use cutting-edge technology and cloud-based servers to increase output, quality, and security. They’ve put in place strict security and privacy procedures. Qualitative methodologies used by the organization include traditional and online focus groups, bulletin boards, and in-depth interviews. Quantitative methodologies include CATI/CAWI, online surveys, and face-to-face interviews. The company is dedicated to providing clients with high-quality research services at a reasonable cost.


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