Top 5 Custom Market Research Firms

Custom market research goes beyond the boundaries of a standard published study to deliver specialized industry insights that are tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Custom market research firms create personalized research exclusively for you and keep it secret.

More primary research, such as in-depth phone interviews and online surveys, may be included in custom market research to elicit considerable and valuable insights from key market participants. This customized intelligence is especially beneficial for markets that are difficult to size or for very specific market niches with minimal published data.

Custom research solutions are appropriate for critical decision points where an unbiased third-party perspective is required to get more granular insights, validate assumptions, and understand contradicting data.

How custom market research firms might help your company

  1. Laser-Targeted Information — Working with a market research agency to develop your research will help you to acquire answers to particular queries you have, with a focus on your company rather than similar companies.
  1. More Primary Research — With more primary research, such as phone interviews with experts, suppliers, and other participants in the industry, custom research can go deeper to answer your queries. The quality of primary research incorporated into custom research can provide an additional level of insight not often seen in syndicated research, which is required to cover a wider range of topics.
  1. Budget Flexibility – Syndicated studies are often more expensive than custom research. Custom research, on the other hand, is collaborative, so the market research business you engage with can take your budget into account and build a study that matches your needs while still answering your key questions. They’ll be able to give advice on how to meet your data demands if your budget isn’t optimal for the type and level of study required.

Why Custom Market Research Firms?

When deciding between syndicated and custom research, a company must assess all of its market research requirements, from the most important to the least important. It must also take into account the campaign for which the study is required.

Consider whether your budget is better suited to the syndicated research strategy or whether you can afford personalized research. Are there any existing insights on the topic you want to research? If that’s the case, how much primary research would your study necessitate?

Custom research is the objectively better choice when a company is at a critical juncture in its journey and requires immediate and practical findings. This is because, unlike syndicated research, which provides generic answers and those that apply to a variety of firms, custom research provides granular information that is as unique as possible to a single company.

As a result, there are few to no concerns or reservations about custom market research firms because the researchers can tailor the questions and other critical components of the campaign to their preferences. Syndicated research, on the other hand, while valuable data, is not only overly wide, but it can also be deficient when it comes to a company’s intelligence demands.

Eminent Custom Market Research Firms-


custom market research
#1 Custom Market Research Firm- Surveykshan

Address- Mumbai and Delhi, India


Surveykshan is a leader in data, analytics, and consulting around the world. They have experience in bettering people’s comprehension and fostering advancement. They have been providing the greatest market research services a firm can supply to hundreds of clients for years. We make certain that we fully comprehend our clients’ objectives and that we carry out their wants and needs.

We make certain that our clients’ privacy and happiness are our top priorities. We’ve been in the sector for a long time and are glad to announce that we have a fantastic team of specialists who are dedicated to satisfying the demands of our clients.


#2 Custom Market Research Firm- Evalueserve

Address- Gurgaon, India


They are a global professional services firm that specializes in research, analytics, and data management for a variety of sectors and corporate operations. Exactly they rely on mind+machine, a unique blend of human expertise and best-in-class technology that employs clever algorithms to simplify crucial activities. They create and manage efficient processes that generate and harness insights on a broad scale, reducing costs and timeframes dramatically. Make smarter selections in less time and for less money. Innovative ideas can help you gain a competitive advantage. Drive efficiency and effectiveness to new heights. You’ll notice a difference in your top and bottom lines.

DataPrompt International

#3 Custom Market Research Firm- DataPrompt International

Address- Chennai, India


DataPrompt International is a full-service marketing research outsourcing company with over 24 years of expertise. Marketing research businesses, consultancy firms, and advertising agencies from all major industries, both consumer and business-to-business, are among their clientele. They have done a lot of national/international, ad hoc, and tracking research. DataPrompt constantly provides cost-effective and client-focused services with a 100 percent dedication to quality. Their stringent standards of excellence drive us as a registered minority-owned/diversity enterprise.

Track Opinion Research Private Limited

#4 Custom Market Research Firm- Track Opinion Research Private Limited

Address- New Delhi, India


With offshore economies, Track Opinion provides world-class market research services. Their research team has worked on both B2B and B2C projects using a variety of approaches. They assist their clients in optimizing their research processes by utilizing the expertise of our employees from a variety of industries. The ability to work across several geographies and languages provides a more comprehensive platform for all of their clients’ demands. The professional researchers at Track Opinion try to create unique ideas in order to assist their clients in achieving their corporate objectives. They maintain a high quality level while meeting their clients’ fast-paced research requirements. Their professionals’ commercial acumen, combined with strong client service standards, aid us in aiding and exceeding customer expectations.

International Research & Outsourcing Services (IROS)

#5 Custom Market Research Firm- International Research & Outsourcing Services (IROS)

Address- Mumbai, India


In the Middle East and Africa, IROS is active. They also organize activities in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. IROS is a full-service organization. They also work as field partners for other organizations, and they’ve completed countless projects including both specialist and nationally representative samples in most of the nations they serve. In addition, IROS provides the option of outsourcing services like questionnaire/DG preparation, DP, analysis, and reporting. Because this work is done in India, clients benefit from significant cost savings while being assured of high quality.

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