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Any effective market research company must have trustworthy and secure methods of collecting solid, insightful data. Survekshan provides helpful data after conducting a thorough study and employing the most effective data collection methods.

As a data collection company, our purpose is to gather high-quality evidence that addresses all your open questions.

The environment in which your company operates can be quite volatile. Economic changes, demographic shifts, new rules, and technological advancements can all have an impact on how you do business.

It is critical to understand who your consumers are, what they require, and how to contact them to run a successful business. Market research may assist you in obtaining precise and detailed information about your consumers and competition, which is essential when beginning or expanding a firm. Consumer demands influence and control all parts of your company’s operations, and they might determine your company’s success or failure.

New roles are being created as a result of technological advancements. Technology has engulfed our life and every industry in which we work. It has greatly simplified our day-to-day operations. In the future, market research will see a significant increase in the use of technology in data collection.

It is necessary to collect data to draw inferences and make informed decisions about what is considered factual to increase the quality of information.

This is what we are good at. We at Surveykshan provide you with more detailed and concentrated data collection and measurement feedback, making the method of interaction and operation for new-age software permits research straightforward and uncomplicated. We are dedicated to utilising technology for all types of field support then be it qualitative or quantitative.

Data collection is a systematic process of obtaining and evaluating specific information to provide answers to relevant queries and assess the outcomes. It focuses on learning everything there is to know about a specific topic. Data is gathered to be exposed to hypothesis testing, which is used to try to understand a phenomenon. 

By gathering data on your products and services, we do the same thing. To learn about the opinions and beliefs of the target audience, we use a variety of tactics. 

Our squad of skilled project managers can help with methodology selection, sampling, questionnaire design, and project execution, including monitoring fieldwork progress, coding, and data processing before releasing data for further research. In addition, we collect data for clients who do not require a full-service market research study. This enables users to examine and understand the data based on their own needs.

Despite the field, Our team of skilled researchers sets a high value on accuracy and efficiency to ensure that you obtain the data you need. 

We use various methods for data collection that includes: 

Quantitative data collection

Surveykshan has extensive experience and knowledge in offering global quantitative data collection and analysis services. For years, our professionals have worked in the field of data analysis and quantitative research, and they are well-versed in the market condition. Each industry has its market dynamics, techniques, and issues, which we recognise. As a result, we offer a wide range of data collection approaches and procedures to you, all of which provide crucial market information and handle industry-specific concerns.

We are proud to have worked with reputable clients in a variety of industries and to have undertaken numerous studies that include: 

  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare
  • Industry based research
  • Automotive
  • IT
  • Food and beverages
  • Telecom and communication
  • Retailing
  • Education
  • Society based research
  • Banking
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
data collection company in india-Quantitative data collection

Types and format of research we coduct:

  • Multi-Category Research
  • Central Location Tests
  • Interviews with individuals
  • In-home usage studies
  • Online Surveys

Types of analysis we do:

We are a team of talented professionals who analyse the quantitative data and generate business-relevant insights. We have practical knowledge with numerous types of data analysis such as:

  • Key driver analysis
  • Turf
  • Logistic regression.
  • Normative type data analysis
  • Segmentation Techniques
  • Penalty
  • Correlation

Qualitative data collection

We have extensive experience in delivering qualitative data collection and analysis services. To establish the relevance of discoveries, we rely on both technical tools, like statistical content analysis, and deliberate contemplation. Our teams of seasoned professionals have extensive expertise in the field of data analysis in qualitative research and, as a result, have a broad understanding of how to operate in a variety of industries and marketplaces.

Qualitative data analysis requires coding, categorising, and making sense of the phenomenon’s core meanings. Understanding the larger picture by using data to describe the occurrence and what it signifies is the goal of qualitative research analysis. Our analysts are capable of creating insights by recognising and labeling or coding data that is unique to each study.

Using our years of experience in the qualitative research domain, we support you in many aspects of data collecting, research, and analysis of qualitative data.

Assistance in sampling- We can assist you in determining the most cost-effective sampling techniques, sample size, and methodologies for your project.

Interviewers- Direct connection with the Target Audience is facilitated by our pan-India presence and network of in-house interviewers. Their knowledge fosters a positive relationship with potential participants.

Methods used- Our in-house skilled pool of resources conducts qualitative study recruiting as well as moderation using a variety of methodologies.

Support on the Periphery- Within the scope of the project, we felicitate and arrange for high-quality venues, as well as provide all logistical support.

Delivery- Following data collection, we organise the information in accordance with our project objectives and prepare the project’s analytical summary and comprehensive report. You are then supplied with the same, as well as the Moderator’s Note.

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By adopting our quality control standards and having a dedicated panel management team that is entirely focused on the establishment of a community of active, interested, and authentic responders, Surveykshan builds and maintains this atmosphere. Our online surveys are a great way of collecting data as they are:

  • Cheaper
  • Easy to use
  • Faster
  • Easy to collect
  • Accurate
  • Honest and reliable
  • Flexible
  • Easy to Analyse

Do you have any questions regarding data collection? Feel free to talk to us anytime.

It simply means Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews. For your service, we as a data collection company, have the Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) system that allows us to perform sophisticated, large-scale telephone surveys. The solution helps our highly skilled interviewers to remain focused on gathering quality data by facilitating the timely completion of surveys and making data available upon the conclusion of each question.
Quality control methods are implemented by our survey managers, who oversee the work of interviewers from remote supervisor stations. Reports on interviewer productivity are generated regularly used to assess interviewer training requirements. CATI has various advantages when it comes to data collection: 

Data of Excellent Quality

CATI helps interviewers avoid misunderstandings and guarantees that questions are asked accurately, resulting in higher-quality data.

Quick and Efficient Collection

Because interviewers may enter data as it is gathered, the entire research process is swift and efficient.

Higher Precision

Because the questionnaire is displayed on a computer and is automated, there is no possibility of errors such as improper questioning or unclear compiling. Data is collected in a highly precise and computerised manner. 

Face-to-Face interviews

We as an experienced data collection company, value face-to-face interviews in addition to using numerous technology methods of data collection. Nothing can be more exact and reliable than gathering data and information from a person’s face to face, as you will agree. Face to face interviews has many pros when it comes to market research and data collection:

  • Screening with precision: Face-to-face interviews aid in the more accurate screening of candidates.
  • Both vocal and nonverbal questions are recorded: A face-to-face interview will undoubtedly record spoken and non-verbal questions, but it will also capture non-verbal questions such as body language, which can suggest discomfort with the questioning.
  • Maintaining concentration. The interviewer is in charge of the interview and has the ability to keep the interviewee engaged and on track to completion.

Observing and recording emotions and behaviours: Face-to-face interviews may undoubtedly capture the emotions and actions of the interviewee.

Why do we claim to be the #1 data collection company in India?

we claim to be the #1 data collection company because so far we have collected data from more than 300 top cities of India. Some if them are Bangalore ,Chennai ,Delhi ,Hyderabad ,Kolkata ,Mumbai ,Ahmedabad ,Pune ,Agra ,Ajmer ,Aligarh ,Amravati ,Amritsar ,Asansol ,Aurangabad ,Bareilly ,Belgaum ,Bhopal ,Bhubaneswar ,Bikaner ,Bilaspur ,Bokaro Steel City ,Chandigarh ,Coimbatore ,Cuttack ,Dehradun ,Dhanbad ,Bhilai ,Durgapur ,Faridabad ,Firozabad ,Ghaziabad ,Gorakhpur ,Gulbarga ,Guntur ,Gwalior ,Gurgaon ,Guwahati ,Hamirpur ,Indore ,Jabalpur ,Jaipur ,Jalandhar ,Jammu ,Jamnagar ,Jamshedpur ,Jhansi ,Jodhpur ,Kakinada ,Kannur ,Kanpur ,Kochi ,Kolhapur ,Kollam ,Kozhikode ,Kurnool ,Ludhiana ,Lucknow ,Madurai ,Malappuram ,Mathura ,Goa ,Mangalore ,Meerut ,Moradabad ,Mysore ,Nagpur ,Nanded ,Nashik ,Nellore ,Noida ,Patna ,Pondicherry ,Purulia Prayagraj ,Raipur ,Rajkot ,Rajahmundry ,Ranchi ,Rourkela ,Salem ,Sangli ,Shimla ,Siliguri ,Solapur ,Srinagar ,Surat ,Thiruvananthapuram ,Thrissur ,Tiruchirappalli ,Tiruppur ,Ujjain ,Bijapur ,Vadodara ,Varanasi ,Vasai-Virar City ,Vijayawada ,Visakhapatnam ,Vellore ,Warangal.

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