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In this digital age, when organizations compete fiercely, innovation has become a requirement for existence. Leading market research firms are winning accolades, client loyalty, and expanding revenues. All thanks to strategic planning, digital transformation, and quick responses to the newest market and industry trends. Let’s take a look at some of the most cutting-edge industry breakthroughs. Along the tactics that the most innovative market research company employ to capitalize on them.

Some new innovative market research techniques

Biometric measurement

While traditional market research depended primarily on verbal involvement, many researchers are discovering that combining it with biometric measurements produces significantly more dependable and complete results. In fact, taking into account biometric aspects like voice tone and eye movements yields insights that were previously unattainable.

Virtual Reality

Brands may test everything from customer service scenarios to beyond with far better accuracy factors than traditional idea testing could possibly reach by incorporating VR technology throughout the market research stage.

Mobile methods

Tablets and smartphones have taken the globe by storm. Many applications and sectors, including market research, are turning to these devices as a preferred platform. A company named “Poll Everywhere” is a fantastic example of this.

Location Awareness

Advanced phone market research approaches can use smartphone location (GPS) data to ask questions or follow movement over time. Consider a survey question that appears only when the phone recognises the user is at a gas station.

QR Code Surveys

 This is similar to market research for mobile phones. A poster might have a basic poll question and two QR codes for people to scan to indicate their preference. This method makes it incredibly simple for someone to complete a one-question survey by simply pointing their phone. The response data might then be gathered in aggregate by a webmaster. Other businesses use QR codes as a quick way to start a mobile poll.

Sensory testing

 Another new developing research methodology you may well have heard of is sensory testing. It pertains to the study of flavor, music, touch, feel, design/look, and other senses. During product development stage this method is used.

Live Audience Response

Presenters typically struggle to engage with the audience at conferences or seminars. Live audience reaction systems can be used to address this issue. These systems use a hand-held remote control to allow audience members to answer on-screen questions.

Research Gamification

Research gamification is a relatively recent and straightforward research methodology. It alludes to the process of “gamifying” survey questions. A matching game in which respondents are asked to pull words from a word bank and match them to various brands is a simple example of this. The use of gamification in research can result in a greater survey completion rate and more engaged respondents.

Innovative Market Research Company


Website https://www.surveykshan.com/

Contact Details :

Email–  info@surveykshan.com

Phone–   8800766787, 7289038981

Address – 13-A, 2nd floor, Pratap Nagar, Mayur Vihar-1, New Delhi, 110091

Surveykshan began their adventure in 2015 and has continued to expand since then. It is a leader in innovative market research and consulting around the world. They have experience in bettering people’s comprehension and fostering advancement.

Surveykshan must take responsibility for our actions. Thet recognise that it is our responsibility to provide you with accurate and trustworthy information. They believe in accepting responsibility for our mistakes. As as a result, create a culture of completing the right work in the first place. Instead of simply accepting blame.

As an agency, they are always looking for ways to improve. They go above and beyond to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations. They strive to give the best services available in order to exceed your expectations.


Website – https://www.ipsos.com/en-in/

Contact Details :

Phone–    : 022 6620 8000

Address –   Mumbai/Chennai/Bangalore/Gurgaon/Kolkata

The need for trustworthy information to make informed judgments has never been stronger in our world of fast change. At Ipsos, they believe that their clients require more than just data; they require a partner who can generate accurate, relevant data and turn it into actionable reality.

This is why their inquisitive specialists not only deliver the most precise measurements, but also shape them to provide True Understanding of Society, Markets, and People. To do this, we employ the most advanced science, technology, and expertise, as well as the principles of security, simplicity, speed, and substance in all we do.


Website – https://lrwonline.com/https://lrwonline.com/

Contact Details :

Phone–   (310) 553-0550

Address – 1900 Avenue of the Stars Los Angeles, CA 90067

LRW is well known for using consumer and behavioral data to drive results. They have been able to identify actual growth levers in strategy, innovation, branding, communication, and experiences for top global businesses. Thanks to their ability to translate deep human knowledge and powerful data analytics into commercial success. They employ cutting-edge modeling and analytic techniques to a variety of data streams, combining tech-enabled methods with a consultative approach to provide clients with unrivaled effect.

They’ve been named one of the top ten most innovative companies in our field, as well as one of the top 25 marketing research organizations in the globe.


Website https://www.hotspex.com/

Contact Details :

Email–  info@hotspex.com

Address – 40 Eglinton Ave. East, Suite 801 Toronto , Ontario M4P 3A2 Canada

Hotspex and their team of brand development experts are on a quest to become the most creative and effective brand builders in the world. They work with 9 of the top 10 global marketers in over 33 countries to help them expand their brands by accelerating the time to market of new ideas while lowering risk and non-marketing spending.

Many organizations talk about emotions, but Hotspex helps brand creators better understand human motivation so they can expand their businesses. Their innovative human motivation assessment technology, which has been globally validated, ensures that global brands elicit comparable emotions, character associations, sensory cues, and rational advantages across all touch points in the shopper journey.


Website https://www.zappi.io/web/

Address – Unit 019, 2nd & 3rd FloorBlock A, Thresher StudiosDarters RoadsCape Town, 8001

Zappi believe that everybody who builds brands and new goods is a creator at Zappi.

They assist artists in creating brands, advertisements, goods, and shopping experiences that customers enjoy.

To fuel their invention process, creators can no longer rely on their gut instincts and slow analogue data stuck in PowerPoint decks. They require digital data that reveals what resonates with consumers (and why) so that they can bring the greatest version of their ideas to market.

Zappi has created the world’s most powerful automated consumer insights platform, which gives actionable, rapid, and intelligent data – so they can acquire the information they need to develop something people love. That’s what they call data for creators.


Website https://www.dynata.com/

Email–  info@dynata.com

The Dynata platform, an all-in-one solution for insights, activation, and measurement, is built on our deep data, cutting-edge technology, and more than 40 years of expertise as a consumer and B2B insights pioneer. The Dynata platform’s mission is to automate the full marketing continuum, including targeting audiences, uncovering insights, connecting data, activating, measuring, and optimizing campaigns, and analyzing, visualizing, publishing, and sharing those insights to promote business growth.

They’ve worked with over 6,000 market research firms, brands, media and advertising agencies, publishers, and consulting and investment firms from all over the world to help them speed transformation, improve decision-making, and boost revenue.

In this digital age, when organizations compete fiercely, innovation has become a requirement for existence. Leading market research firms are winning accolades, client loyalty, and expanding revenues thanks to strategic planning, digital transformation, and quick responses to the newest market and industry trends. Let’s take a look at some of the most cutting-edge industry breakthroughs and the tactics that the most forward-thinking market research firms employ to capitalize on them.

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