Market Research Support Servies

Our Market Research Support Servies Include :

While we encourage our clients to use only those services that they need, we actively recommend that they take advantage of our expertise in providing the full range of Market Research support services. Our aim is to provide a seamless service experience to all our clients and minimize the ‘transaction costs’ of engaging with agencies for their Market Research needs.

Content from video recorded interviews and FGD’s and audio files from qualitative in-depth interviews.

English voiceover for multi-lingual interviews and FGDs.

English translation from all major Indian languages.

Data entry for pen-paper surveys, conversion of other content into digital format (ebooks).

Verbatim Coding
Intuitive and contextual coding of qualitative survey responses.

Venue for FGDs, IDIs, CLTs etc. with all necessary infrastructure in place – AV recording, video streaming, one way mirrors, qualified interpreters etc.

Let us help you in your research processes.

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