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If you are looking for top online market research companies that can conduct research for you, then this post is for you. Read ahead!

Market research used to be done by going door to door and gathering information after meeting with possible buyers and client segments. Online market research makes far more sense in the digital era since it allows businesses to reach out to their target clients and understand their thoughts in a simple and quick manner.

Online market research companies, like traditional market research, collects information of the users about the target group, product, or target market, allowing businesses to design strategies that are most suited for earning income by catering to the market.

Purpose of Online Market Research

  1. Recognize your target market.
  2. Recognize customer behavior.
  3. Find ways to make money.

Two ways of Digital Market Research

  1. Primary Research– By personally contacting your desired target audience, primary research allows you to receive first-hand information.
  1. Secondary Research– Secondary research refers to all publicly available information that you can use to narrow down your target market.

The Steps to Conducting

  1. Determine a problem– The initial stage in the research process is defining an issue. This issue must be identified, the reason identified, and solutions planned.
  1. Create a plan– The scientific method is the gold standard in research. It lets you commence with your existing knowledge and proceed objectively.
  1. Pick a sample– You must choose a research approach in addition to an inquiry method.
  1. Collect data– Data collection is now easier than ever thanks to mobile technology. Since market researchers conducted face-to-face, postal, or telephone surveys, survey research has come a long way. Email, SMS, Slack, WhatsApp, and social media are all options for conducting research.
  2. Evaluate data – The research findings are the culmination of your marketing research procedure. These should have all of the information that shareholders and decision-makers will need to execute the project.
  3. Act based on data– It’s one thing to have insights, but they’re useless unless they lead to fast, effective action.

This might seem like a task for fortune. Thus to help and guide you out there is a pool of online market research companies in India.

Online market research companies in India

To make your work easier we listed down some prominent online market research companies in India.


Online Market Research Companies
#1 Online Market Research Companies- Surveykshan


Contact Details :


Phone–   8800766787, 7289038981

Address – 13-A, 2nd floor, Pratap Nagar, Mayur Vihar-1, New Delhi, 110091

Surveykshan is one of the leading online market research companies in India in data, analytics, and consulting around the world. They have experience in bettering people’s comprehension and fostering advancement. They must take responsibility for our actions. They recognize that it is their responsibility to provide you with accurate and trustworthy information. Surveykshan believes in accepting responsibility for their mistakes and, as a result, creating a culture of completing the right work in the first place, rather than simply accepting blame.

Surveykshan collaborates with their clients to shape the future of business, resulting in a more prosperous world. They offer tailor-made solutions in the field of customized research. Its uniqueness resides in determining what people truly desire, need, or believe, giving linked businesses a competitive advantage. Because of the leadership team’s and workers’ amazing competence, they are able to give exceptional services.

They have been providing the greatest consulting a firm can supply to hundreds of clients for years. They make certain that they fully comprehend their clients’ objectives and that they carry out their wishes and needs.

Surveykshan makes certain that their clients’ privacy and happiness are their top priorities. They have been in the sector for a long time and are glad to announce that they have a fantastic team of specialists who are dedicated to satisfying the demands of their clients.


#2 Online Market Research Companies- Global Insight Network (GLG)


Contact Details :


Phone+91 22 7102 0800

Address – Gerson Lehrman Group India Pvt Ltd, Unit 63, 6th floor, 2 North Avenue, Maker Maxity, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, 400051 India

The Global Insight Network (GLG) is the largest network of its kind in the world. Their clients rely on GLG’s global staff to connect them with valuable information from their network of over 1 million professionals in a variety of industries. Thousands of the world’s most successful enterprises rely on them, including Fortune 500 companies, major technology companies, professional services firms, and financial institutions.

nmThey connect their clients with the world’s greatest and most diverse pool of first-hand knowledge, including CEOs, scientists, academics, former public-sector officials, and subject matter experts. Clients may learn in an organized, auditable, and transparent manner, in accordance with their own internal compliance duties and the highest professional ethical standards, according to GLG’s industry-leading compliance framework. Their compliance requirements are a significant component of the company’s culture and a major competitive differentiation.


#3 Online Market Research Companies- SurveyMonkey


Address -The Alexandra House, The Sweepstakes, Ballsbridge, Dublin, IE

Momentive Inc. (formerly SurveyMonkey Inc.) is an experience management company that provides cloud-based software for brand knowledge and insight, market intelligence, impact on product, employee satisfaction, consumer experience, online survey development, and a suite of paid back-end programmes and online survey development.


#4 Online Market Research Companies- dataSpring


Contact Details :

Phone–   +81 3-5294-5970

Address – Sanbancho, dataSpring Bldg 14-2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0075, JP

dataSpring is an excellent alternative for obtaining Asian information insights from web and mobile research. For your market research needs, this online market research company is the top Asian data expert, offering enhanced online samples, robust operation coverage, and more. dataSpring manages a huge panel of millions of validated respondents with over 47 target profiles across 11 Asian nations from its Tokyo headquarters and important regional offices. Through its own local-language platform, an API platform that connects authenticated partner panels and properly screened third-party procurements, dataSpring keeps panelists engaged. The skilled operations team works across all time zones to give survey support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Communication for Research

#5 Online Market Research Companies- Communication for Research


Contact Details :


Phone– (573) 775-4550

Address – 61 East Highway 8 , Steelville, MO 65565

CFR is a data gathering and research logistics company. They have six survey programmers on staff that work alongside their research project management team in our local offices. This online market research company can assist you with data-collecting, access, execution, and measurement. They would provide direct feedback to assist you in making decisions about how to distribute the research findings.


#6 Online Market Research Companies- Civicom


Address – P.O. Box 4689 Greenwich, CT 06831

Civicom is a global pioneer in enabling qualitative research using a variety of web-based tools. This includes using advanced audio and web technology to facilitate virtual in-depth interviews and focus groups; providing adaptive research skills through our online bulletin board strategies include the following with a full suite of tools to help you execute fast, flexible, and effective. 

Branded Research INC

#7 Online Market Research Companies- Branded Research INC


Contact Details :

Phone– 888-848-2525

Address – Branded Research, lnc. 343 4th Ave Suite 201 San Diego, CA, 92101

Branded Research provides businesses all over the world with next-generation audience technology solutions. Their on-demand data gathering platform enables clients to communicate with their consumers in real-time, allowing them to gain unique consumer insights. By giving clients comprehensive access to Branded Surveys, their exclusive online community, Branded Research allows rich consumer experience and usability evaluation research. Their panelists are members of lively communities who have validated their combined thoughts and insights through willing, natural contact and significant social engagement. Clients may make more informed and definitive judgments regarding their goods and services using information from their community.


Conducting market research may be a fascinating experience. Even if you believe you have a good understanding of your customers, taking the survey will most likely reveal new channels and messaging recommendations to help you better your interactions.

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