Qualitative Research Services

Emotions never play a role in facts, but, our qualitative analysis makes sure something good comes out of them for you to assist your company’s growth.

Qualitative Research Services that we provide.

Just like we help you using quantitative research, we also use qualitative research. It is the method where we use conversational and open-ended questions. There are multiple differences between quantitative research and qualitative research. Here we use small samples, normally data collected from about 10 people. The innovative methods we usually use to collect the data are in-depth interviews, focus groups, and multiple innovative methods which are commonly known to be used in qualitative research methods.

Since the samples we collect are from a very small number of people, they are certainly cheaper than our quantitative analysis services, which are also highly affordable. The questions we use here are not highly defined or structured, this allows us in-depth discussions and analysis of the topics in a more extended manner. The interviews are conducted by our market researchers and interviewers. 

We normally canvas a group of people personally and from their responses, we draft the ideas and the quality of data by canvassing more than a group of people is certainly superior to consulting just a group. This technique is called crowdsourcing since the crowd is the source of our data and information collection. 

Qualitative market research is practically based on two factors, what the customers and respondents think about your products and services, and why they think and feel about it that way. 

Tools and techniques we use to collect qualitative data

  • Focus groups
  • Online Forums
  • Online Communities
  • Online survey and questionnaire
  • In-depth and one-to-one interviews
  • Shop-Alongs, Lifestyle Immersion
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Ethnography, Projective Techniques

Focus Groups

This group we bring together normally consists of about ten people, and our experts discuss their views about your product and services. While sometimes we bring together civilians and normal citizens, we sometimes include experts in the group and even discuss their points of view about the market strategies and how we can improve them. The group will have a modulator in the middle to arrive at a unanimous decision. 

Innovative research methods and observations

In these methods, our experts and employees click pictures of our respondents and record their answers on audio and videos. We use these videos, images, and audio even for future reference. We use observations and it is one of our go-to methods in qualitative research. We sometimes observe from afar and notice the reactions of respondents from afar. This helps us elude dishonest feedback and this helps us look at the real reaction of customers while they buy your product. 

Shop-Alongs, Lifestyle Immersion

Shopping alone is a part of our observation techniques. And, in lifestyle immersion, we attend any sort of professional and personal event and collect feedback and data. Since the respondents will be in a comfortable space, the answers we get might help us more in data collection. 

Online Focus Groups

Online focus groups are very easy to gather and maintain. We recruit people, do a group study, and finally manage to collect the data and in the end, we analyze it well to arrive at the conclusions. 


We collect data from people by seeing the user use your products or services live. If you want an immediate conclusion with slight analysis, we normally go with ethnography. 

We also use online forums, and we prefer using them much in our qualitative market research. We bring people together on a common platform and discuss the intended topic. Our team makes sure we get the desired outcome. 

Basic steps we use here to conduct qualitative market research

  1. Planning the objectives
  2. Deciding on a method to conduct our form of research
  3. Choosing the right human personnel for the job
  4. Samples, which is differentiated into the purposive, quota, and snowball sampling
  5. Designing the survey means and methods
  6. Collecting the data
  7. Analyze the data and finally
  8. Form the right report

Though our end conclusion is right most of the time, we still like to test our conclusions again. So, we use various methods that any marketing research company would use. Some methods like direct exploration, monadic testing, discrete choice testing, and sequential monadic testing can be used to test the end conclusions. 

Many successful businesses have used qualitative research methods to conclude their target audiences’ point of view about their services and products and how to better their reach rate and sales. 

Though quantitative methods are entirely based on numbers, qualitative analysis focuses more on the emotional aspects of your audience’s point of view. We have served hundreds of clients with qualitative research methods and achieved great results. 

There are various reasons why we recommend qualitative research analysis methods for you. By using these methods, we will help you with your branding strategies, understanding your consumer’s behavior, taking note of your engagement and reach rate, and also the reach of marketing and advertising fields, help you understand and identify new opportunities, and finally, get a deep insight about your products and services. 

We will keep it in our best interests to improve your strategies and techniques by giving you the best ideas through our conclusions and reports. You might want to know more about why you should try qualitative market research analysis through us. Here are some of the applications and advantages of the method we have noticed. 

It will help you understand your customers, and if there is a behavioral pattern, this market research method will help us know more about it, then by using quantitative analysis. It assists us in knowing more about what the customers think about your products or services and understanding the efficiency of the strategies and services you currently use. It will help us know more if your strategies are working and we can even create some if it suits your plans. 

Finally, it will help you know what sorts of marketing messages you should send to create an impact among your target audience, and if there is a demand for your products and services right now. All this can be obtained just by conducting a qualitative research analysis. 

Advantages of hiring us to proceed with qualitative research analysis

  • We will help you gather detailed information about your business, products and services, and customer feedback. 
  • The research methods and techniques we use are very adaptive and our approaches are highly flexible
  • And finally, this will also help us engage customers and help them communicate with the brand easily. This reduces the troubles of a customer trying to contact the brand or business directly.

We analyze and help you get what you require through our collection of data and end conclusion. We personalize the research according to your needs, and our services are cheap too. And we can even do desk research if that’s what you require. It’s all about your needs. 

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