Quantitative Research Companies

7 Best Quantitative Research Companies

Quantitative Research Companies

In the social sciences, quantitative research is the most common approach. It is a set of tactics, methodologies, and assumptions that are used to investigate social and economic systems using mathematical patterns. Quantitative research gathers a wide range of numerical data. The numeric data is quantitative in some circumstances, but the numeric structure is imposed in others.

Researchers can use quantitative data to do simple to extremely advanced statistical analyses that aggregate data, reveal links between data, and compare across aggregated data. Unlike qualitative, quantitative research opts methods such as surveys, organized observations, and experiments.  For this all you need is expert Quantitative research companies.

When to reach out to Quantitative Research Companies

While you need to collect data from a big number of different people, quantitative research comes in handy. When your audience is more responsive to outcomes in the form of facts, graphs, charts, and statistics, this is a good strategy to use.

Professionals in social science disciplines such as sociology, psychology, public health, and politics frequently do quantitative research. It’s also popular in disciplines like education, finance, marketing, and medicine.

When the goal of a study is to examine an issue or answer the “what” or “how many” of a research topic, researchers often use quantitative data. The purpose of quantitative research studies is to determine the link between an independent variable and dependent variables in a population.

Prominent Quantitative Research Companies



Phone Number: 8800766787

Website: https://www.surveykshan.com/ 

Surveykshan is one of the leading Delhi-based quantitative research companies. Surveykshan is a seasoned market research firm that has provided unequaled specialized research services to both domestic and international clients throughout the years. Various market analysis techniques are available through their company.

Surveykshan is a survey programme and questionnaire tool that can be used online. System is a software application that runs on the internet. You may make a survey in a matter of minutes. These tools have a very low out-of-pocket cost. You can easily survey 10,000 people as easily as you can survey ten people.

B2B International

Quantitative Research Companies
B2B International

Phone Number: 914-761-1909

Website: www.b2binternational.com

With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, B2B International is the largest B2B market research organization. We’ve completed over 3,500 B2B research projects in a variety of industries, from traditional heavy industry to financial and business services. Their client list comprises 800 of the world’s top 1,500 businesses.

They offer the most comprehensive range of full-service B2B research solutions to give your brand a competitive edge, including quantitative studies evaluating brand, customer experience, segmentation, pricing, and new product development as B2B specialists. They know the best practices in B2B methodologies and procedures, such as sampling, analytics, and benchmarking, and how to translate insights into a compelling report that inspires action, thanks to their extensive industry expertise. And thus its listed among best quantitative research companies.

Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants

Phone Number: 203-847-5766

Website: www.asksmartypants.com

Next on the list of quantitative research companies is – Smarty Pants. Smarty Pants is a prominent youth and family research and strategy organization focused on assisting clients in connecting with Gen Z and Millennials and winning their business. They are life stage experts who conduct primary research and provide strategic advising to worldwide giants in the toy, technology, food and beverage, video game, fashion, retail, media, restaurant, travel, health care, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries.

They offer paradigm-shifting quantitative methodologies and approaches to address essential strategic concerns about targeting, product development, and marketing, in addition to unique qualitative methods. Several syndicated reports on youth and families are also available. NYC, San Diego, Boston, Philadelphia, Nashville, and Dallas are among the offices in the United States.

International Fieldworld Inc.

International Fieldworld Inc.

Phone Number: 954-560-3760

Website: www.intfieldworld.com 

International Fieldworld is your go-to source for primary face-to-face consumer data collecting. They’ve been collecting data for clients in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, LATAM, and the Caribbean, including Cuba, since 1993. They are here to help you with anything from professional counsel on critical issues to strategic advice on critical decisions.

At IFW, they will work with you to develop a customized action plan that will help you achieve the results you want for yourself or your company. They cover the Caribbean from Bermuda to Trinidad and Tobago in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies as the leading primary F2F consumer data gathering experts. They provide quality, data integrity, attention to detail, and the individualized service you require. Thus making it one of the best quantitative research companies in India.

MarketLab Inc.

MarketLab Inc.

Phone Number: 651-571-6408

Website: www.marketlab.net  

MarketLab is one of the quantitative research companies that offers a broad range of services. Their clients come from a variety of industries, including CPG, technology, and sales/retail. They take pleasure in being entirely scalable – large enough to handle multi-phased international strategic projects while remaining nimble enough to complete tactical projects swiftly and cost effectively. They may provide full-service market research, from study design through analysis and reporting, and they can also help clients with certain aspects of a project. Clients return to us for two main reasons: 

  1. They produce well-crafted research that fits inside your budget without sacrificing research quality, and 
  2.  They build scalable solutions that employ existing infrastructure wherever possible to extend marketing research resources.

Olson Research Group Inc.

Olson Research Group Inc.

Phone Number: 267-487-5500

Website: www.olsonresearchgroup.com  

Olson Research provides a broad range of qualitative and quantitative research services, as well as extensive access to an unique database of 2.4 million U.S. health care professionals, including 960,000 practising physicians, across the life sciences sector. With up to 75 unique profiling fields, precise targeting is possible. They are best recognised for:

  1.  Access – their one-of-a-kind and comprehensive reach into all aspects of the United States’ health-care decision-making population; their team of seasoned project managers has an average of 8+ years of industry experience; 
  2. Approach – approach to project design, fielding, and final deliverables is flexible and collaborative.



Phone Number: 404-446-2720

Website: www.p2sample.com  

P2Sample is one of the most advanced quantitative research companies, programmed sampling supplier in the market research industry, with a global member panel of more than 30 million active members, including those in hard-to-reach demographics. It takes the lead in applying new approaches and procedures that offer higher-quality data as a technology-driven organization. It is dedicated to rock-solid feasibility, agile delivery, and utmost dependability, from unique algorithms that maximize user quality of experience to artificial intelligence that strives continually to fight fraud.

To conclude…

  Professionals with quantitative research skills can go beyond existing findings and investigate their area of interest through their own collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. Many people opt to work as statisticians or quantitative research consultants. Choose the one that fits you well among the list of best quantitative research companies.

If you’re thinking about doing some research, check out Surveykshan.

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